Beijing Opera

by editor01 2018-12-17

Beijing Opera is a comprehensive performing arts. That is, sing, read and do, fight, dance. And Beijing Opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture.

The history of Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera has a history of more than 200 years. Although it is called Beijing Opera, the origins of Beijing Opera are not in Beijing but in the provinces of Anhui and Hubei. Dating back to the year 1790, Qianlong summoned Four famous Anhui Opera Troupes to perform for him in Beijing in his 80th celebration of birthday. And later the troupes stayed in Bejing. It was not until 1850 that Anhui troupe and Hubei troupe mixed into one. Therefore, Beijing Opera came into existing at that time. During the reign of Cixi, Bejing Opera grew faster because Cixi was an opera fan. Eventually, Beijing Opera was prevalent all over the country.

Four main characters in Beijing Opera

  •  Sheng

A primary male role. It falls into three groups: Laosheng, Xiaosheng, and Wusheng. Wu sheng is wearing a lean, a helmet and thick boots,usually with a long handle weapon. Lao Sheng plays the middle aged or old people with a long false beard.Xiao sheng play handsome young men.

  •  Dan

It is the general term in Beijing Opera for female roles. The Dan roles are subdivided into Laodan, Wudan,Qingyi,and Huadan. Among them, Qingyi plays the demure woman. A Huadan plays the  young or middle-aged women, wearing consume in bright color to show their characteristics.

  • Jing

There mainly are Zhengjing, Fujing and Wujing.  one of the characteristic is that their face are painting of facial makeup.

  • Chou

The characteristic is their eyes and nose are surrounded by a white patch.

It is an attractive traditional art form in China and contains profound cultural deposits and artistic connotations.

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