10 innotiative achievements of China’s free trade zones in 2018 Part two

by editor02 2019-01-19

Chongqing(重庆) explores new supervision patterns

The Chongqing Free Trade Zone has implemented a variety of efficient and convenient new modes of supervision, such as self-editing, self-auditing, self-reporting, self-editing, and simplified examination and approval procedures in the special supervision of customs.

The practice of the Chongqing Free Trade Zone is not only an innovation of customs supervision, but equally important to expand the scope of optimal resource allocation, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, and reduce costs to optimize resources through a series of reforms, Bai Ming, researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences International trade and economic cooperation, said.

Zhejiang province(浙江省) launches China’s first “paperless customs clearance port for ships”

The Zhejiang Free Trade Zone has carried out in-depth reforms of the current customs clearance model and launched a pilot project of “paperless entry and exit customs clearance”.

Cancel 44 of the original 70 items and 150 pages of paper materials, and only keep two documents such as the crew entry and exit permit and the temporary entry permit application.

Henan’s Zhengzhou(河南郑州) introduces a new model of cross-border e-commerce supervision

Zhengzhou Customs actively explores a new cross-border e-commerce regulation model, allowing e-commerce companies in the region to display and sell online purchases of bonded goods in specific physical stores outside the region.

Consumers can place orders online after shopping in a physical store. After the goods are released, they can be taken away on the spot.

Liaoning’s Dalian(辽宁大连) develops into a shipping financial center in northeast Asia

In order to support Dalian's construction of the Northeast Asia Shipping Finance Center, Bank of China has established China's only professional shipping finance center in Dalian Branch.

In the marketing model, it has a linkage effect with shipyards, China Export Credit Insurance Corporation and intermediaries. In terms of the guarantee model, the center broke through the traditional thinking and proposed a new guarantee model.

Shaanxi’s Xi’an(陕西西安) develops an agricultural industrial chain under the Belt and Road Initiative

Xi’an Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group exports China's agricultural technology to Kazakhstan and deep processing of imported agricultural products from Kazakhstan. At the same time, planting and preliminary processing are carried out using good land conditions in Kazakhstan.

The China-Kazakhstan agricultural transnational cooperation system has realized mutual promotion with Kazakhstan, Alashankou and Xi’an to form a coordinated development of the whole industrial chain including planting, acquisition, processing, logistics and sales.

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